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All debating topics will be drawn from this List

Greyhound racing is cruel and should be banned.
Smoking in cars with child passengers should be banned.
Bicycle riders in cities should only ride on bike lanes/trails.
The number of native timber trees that can be logged should be restricted.
Tony Abbott should remain as leader of the Government.
People spend too much time on the Internet.
Homework is a waste of time.
Junk food should be banned from school canteens.
Children should not be in detention camps.
The legal age for drinking alcohol should be 21 in Australia.
Animal testing for medical / cosmetic purpose should be banned.
All smokers should be made to pay an additional tax.
Sharks should be killed if they kill us.
Animal performances should be banned in circuses.
Parents should be allowed to smack their children
Violent video games should be banned
Swearing should be banned from television

Children under the age of 12 should not have mobile phones
All children should have to learn to swim at school
Internet access should be free to all homes
All children must be immunized to attend school
School should start and finish earlier
Hunting should be banned in Australia
All Public transport should be free for children
Minecraft should be allowed at school
All students should have to learn another language
Magazines should not be allowed to photoshop pictures
Australia should change the national anthem
Naughty students should have to have detentions on weekends
Entertainment is too expensive
People, should be allowed to get their drivers licence at 16
It should, be compulsory to finish Year 12
Teachers should wear a school uniform
International travel is important for all people
Australia should ban caged (hen’s) eggs
We should spend more money on exploring space
That country Life is better than City Life 

That Animals should not be kept in Zoos.
McDonalds should be banned in Australia.
Country life is better than city life.
Computer games are a waste of time.
School camps should be banned.


That NASA faked the 1969 moon landing

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8 thoughts on “Suggest Topic

  1. Topics from ‘Rushy’ Country Life is better than City Life; Should Animals be kept in Zoos.

  2. I have a topic from Rushworth. ‘Did NASA actually go to the moon?’
    Thankyou if you use this as your topic in debating

  3. Hi Brendan
    We have 3 topics we would like to offer as suggestions:
    * Traffic lights should not be changed quickly because it endangers elderly pedestrians.
    * Children should be made to exercise more at school.
    * Debating is a waste of time.
    Hopefully at least one of these might go into the hat!

  4. Hi Brendan
    Sorry I didn’t get to it earlier but can you please lead me to the Debating certificates for our Year 7’s? Can’t find them at this moment

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