So …. what do you think?

Students, what do you think about this leadership and debating program?
Be critical and constructive.

Teachers, what could make your ‘Student Voice’ more effective in your school?

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4 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Thanks for the photos Brendan
    Our kids were relieved when it was all over but I thought they did a fairly reasonable job considering the difficulty of trying to justify violent video games. We certainly have a bit of work to do but I only see them twice a week really because I am at the other campus for most lunchtimes.
    It’s a great learning curve for them nonetheless. (…and me too!)

  2. Congratulations on this initiative, great work!


    Wendy Macpherson | Senior Project Officer, Digital Practice Unit |

  3. Hello Brendan – we received your invite to watch the debate grand final – maybe by mistake as we wouldn’t normally be in your mailing list …. but we watched anyway with our four senior grade students – our only yr 7 student was absent.

    It was really good for our students to see the yr 7’s debating – we are remote and are trying to use polycom to keep in touch with class delivery and also meetings etc – in as many ways as possible, so this opportunity was much appreciated even if accidental.

    Please relay our congratulations to the students involved – very impressive arguments and display of how debates work for our students.

    We have had a look at the website and wondered if we could be included on the DL for viewing the debates for gr 56 in term 3 – we have a senior grade room of 7 students from 3 to 7 on Mon – Wed, and 5 students on Thurs and FRi due to part time enrolments and a split campus timetable, so we’re not ready to be included in a draw of competition …. yet.

    Thanks again

    Peter N

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