The Draw

The draw was decided in Session 1 by drawing school names out of a hat.
School 1 = Rushworth P-12 College School 2 = Benalla P-12 College School 3 = Seymour College
School 4 = Hopetoun P-12 College  

Session 2 Week 2  Wednesday 22 April  – Debate Round 1
Topic: ” That the legal age for drinking alcohol should be 21 in Australia.”

Debate            Rushworth P-12 College V  Benalla P-12 College
Adjudicator   Hopetoun P-12 College
Timer=           Seymour College
RESULT:    Rushworth P-12 College (4.0 pts)   Vs    Benalla P-12 College (6.4 pts)

Session 3 Week 3  Wednesday 29 April – Debate Round 2
Topic: ” ” That violent video games should be banned.””
Debate            Seymour College V   Hopetoun P-12 College
Adjudicator   Rushworth P-12 College
Timer             Benalla P-12 College
RESULT        Seymour College (7.5 pts)   Hopetoun P-12 College (6.5 pts)

Session 4 Week 4  Wednesday 6 May – Debate Round 3
Topic: ” ” That internet access should be free to all homes.”
Debate            Benalla P-12 College V Seymour College
Adjudicator   Hopetoun P-12 College
Timer             Rushworth P-12 College
RESULT:       Benalla P-12 College (6.5 pts)  Seymour College (8.5 pts)

Session 5 Week  5  Wednesday 13 May – Debate Round 4
Topic: ” ”Animal performances should be banned in circuses””
Debate            Hopetoun P-12 College V Rushworth P-12 College
Adjudicator   Benalla P-12 College
Timer              Seymour College
RESULT: Hopetoun P-12 College (    pts) V Rushworth P-12 College (    pts)

Session 6 Week 6 Wednesday 20 May – Debate Round 5
Topic: ” _____________________________________.”
Debate            Rushworth P-12 College V Seymour College 
Adjudicator   Hopetoun P-12 College  
Timer              Benalla P-12 College
RESULT: Rushworth P-12 College (    pts) V Seymour College (    pts)

Session 7 Week 7 Wednesday 27 May –  Debate Round 6
Topic:  “_____________________________________.”
Debate            Benalla P-12 CollegeHopetoun P-12 College
Adjudicator   Seymour College 
Timer              Rushworth P-12 College
RESULT: Benalla P-12 College (    pts) V Hopetoun P-12 College (    pts)

Session 8 Week 8 Wednesday 3 June – Grand-Final
The two  teams with the highest Average score play off for the Title.

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