I heard that the virtual debating program is free?    A. That is correct, there are no fees whatsoever.

Q. Do you have a sample letter schools can send home to parents? A. Yes, download it here.

Q. Do you provide a ‘Rebuttal template’? A. Yes, download it here.

Q. Can non-debating schools watch the debates as guests? A. Yes, the Polycom links are posted here.

Q. Do the same three students have to speak each week? A. No, most schools have a leadership team of 8-10 students and rotate the speakers to give more than 3 leaders the opportunity to debate.

Q. What are the rules and protocols of the debates? A. The rules are pretty standard and are spelt out clearly on our Rules page

Q. Will you supervise the leaders from our school? A. No, duty of care means students must be supervised locally.

Q. What happens if one week we will be away on camp? A. Your school forfeits the round and gets the average losing score.

Q. Who is hosting the debating series? A. The Wednesday Lunchtime sessions are hosted by Benalla P12 College.

Q. Does the host school have an advantage? A. No. All schools take turns to adjudicate.

Q. How is scoring the debates done? A. Adjudicating schools must use the official scoresheet.

Q. Who are the adjudicators? A. Each school rotates through byes, adjudicating and timing roles.

Q. Who are the adjudicators for the Grand Final? A. Independent adjudicators are provided by DET – Digital Learning Branch

Q. How do we acknowledge student achievement? A. Editable Certificates of Excellence are available to download and present at school assembly.

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