Welcome to Yr7 Leadership and Debating – Term 2 – 2015

Victorian Interschool Debating Leadership Program …

In Term 1 we had 5 schools debating each week. In Term 2 we had 18 schools in either the Year 5/6 Leadership Program or this Year 7 Leadership Program.

This inaugural Yr 7 Virtual Debating series is fully subscribed with 4 schools

Created by Brendan O’Brien, sponsored by NEV Region and Benalla P-12 CollegeBC


This is first and foremost a leadership program aimed at developing critical thinking skills, learning how to collaborate well with Year 7 peers, how to deal with real world problems and solutions, how to use technology effectively and to get to know students in distant schools; all in an exciting atmosphere of friendship and inquiry.

Each week we have 1 debate, involving 2 schools, with the 3rd school adjudicating and 4th school timing the debates.

Typically, a group of 8 to 10 student leaders from Year 7 attend the debate each week. They choose 3 speakers each week who are given a week to prepare their 90 second speeches.

We have adopted the ‘Lunchtime Model’ where the Year 7 Leaders meet in a Polycom/Lync Virtual Debating Room at the same time each week on Wednesday Lunchtime 1:00pm to 1:50pm


Session 1 Week 1  Wednesday 15 April – Introduction to the program
The Basics of Debating, Rules, Mental and Vocal Fluency Exercises and Speaking & Listening Games, The DRAW.

Session 2 Week 2  Wednesday 22 April  – Debate Round 1
Session 3 Week 3  Wednesday 29 April – Debate Round 2
Session 4 Week 4  Wednesday 6 May – Debate Round 3
Session 5 Week  5  Wednesday 13 May – Debate Round 4
Session 6 Week 6 Wednesday 20 May – Debate Round 5
Session 7 Week 7 Wednesday 27 May –  Debate Round 6
Session 8 Week 8 Wednesday 3 June – Grand-Final

The two teams with the highest average scores play off for the Title.

Adjudicators: Sandy Phillips sandy  and Peter Maggs peterfrom DET Digital Learning & Practice